Web development and online marketing spanning over a decade. Here are a few projects showing our diversity.

Project Info: CafeOlimpico.com

We had the oppertunity to create the website for Cafe Olimpico, regarded by many to be the best cafe in Montreal. Have a look at the website and, if you're ever in the Mile-End in Montreal be sure to stop by.

The webiste was created using HTML and had some social media integrated into it. It was also optimized for search engines.

Project Info: Faros.ca

Faros restaurant which serves traditional Greek seafood was a fun project to work on. The food was great and the old atmosphere just added to the charm.

A very simple and clean website created with HTML. A good amount of SEO was put into it also. Turnkey website from A to Z.

Project Info: Kebreiz.com

We had the pleasure of working with the owner of Kebreiz and were also treated to the most delicious in Montreal. A new food truck catering to many different types of events that we highly recommend.

A grayscale website created with WordPress.

Project Info: RestoMKT.ca

A restaurant that opened in Montreal in 2015. The website took a little longer than we thought to get done but once the owner was clear with what was expected, it was finished promptly.

Much of the design for this website was outsourced for various reasons; something that our clients are made aware of before it is done. Built with HTML.
We put the final touches on it as well as some light SEO.

Project Info: GNschoolbus.ca

G&N school bus services has provides transportation services to various schools in and around Montreal. They also have a rental service for groups that we have personally used serveral times in the past.

A minimalist website built with HTML and well optimized for search engines.

Project Info: BZZMKT.com

BZZMKT is a Montreal social media marketing agency. We work with them very often as their service is top notch.